Welcome to the Bristol+Bath Cluster Map

Top Employers

Cobham Plc 12527
Maggot Plc 11479
Airbus UK 8450
Mott MacDonald Ltd 6401
QinetiQ (Boscombe Down) 6207

Top Turnover

EDF Energy £7.6Bn
EDF Energy £7.6Bn
Airbus UK £3.9Bn
Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd £3.6Bn
Hewlett Packard Laboratories £2.3Bn

Cluster Map News

Welcome to the latest release of the cluster map. We have streamlined the whole site to make it far more responsive and much easier to search. Check out the following features on company search:

  • Fed up of waiting for the browser to reload filtered data? All searching now done client side for incredible speed and flexibility
  • Old filter drop down system a little cumbersome? New tag filter system, just type for tag suggestions or select from the pull down list
  • Can't remember the company name, just part of the address? Search boxes for company name only or also all data in table.
  • Want more complex search conditions? Keep adding tags or search text to reduce the data set to your perfect results.
  • Once you have the dataset you want, flick between map and directory views without needing to reload.

These were the top requested features via our feedback link below. Keep letting us know what you'd like to see on the map and we'll keep those improvements coming!

Help us with accuracy...

If you think any of the data in the system is incorrect, please submit a correction for the company concerned from their detailed information page in the directory above.

If you would like your company to appear on the database, please use the Add Company button at the top of the page.